Thursday, December 30, 2004

10 of 2004

Thought I'd take a minute to record 10 significant things that happened to me in 2004. Just to document how banal my life has become. They aren't ranked in any specific order.

  1. Quit playing Diablo 2. The latest patch just made it too hard to solo anything but the most uber of builds. I could back out the patch (since I stopped playing online long ago), but there were things in there I liked, so I just decided to take a break. Maybe I'll revisit if they come out with another patch later.
  2. Started playing City of Heroes. I think I spend even more time on CoH than I did with D2. It takes too long to level, but I'm spending at least 50% of my time with a single character so I can see all the sights before I quit. Right now, he's level 27 (out of 50). It's my first MMORPG, and I'm enjoying the online interactions a lot more than I did in D2.
  3. Removed myself from the Internet boardgame community. This was for many, many reasons, some of which have been bugging me for several years. I think the last straw was the participants' ongoing quest for new games - at this point, I'm happy with the collection that me and my friends have. I unsubscribed from the yahoogroups, and all but removed my BGG profile. I still lurk on a few forums, but all my energy is going into my local scene.
  4. Started playing A Game of Thrones CCG. I don't really like the books, and there's things about the game that really bug me. But I like the different flavors of the decks I build, I have a friend who is really into it, and there's still a minimal local scene so that I can participate in tournaments (something I haven't done since 7th Sea).
  5. Discovered The Bee Gees. My previous thoughts on these albums still hold, although I would move Cucumber Castle up a few notches.
  6. Did some game programming. Okay, my games are pretty lame, but it's fun making them when I'm in the mood. I did implementations of Tres Amigos (KC's prototype), Titan: the Arena, Honeybears, and got a decent start on Mystick (which proved to be too tedious, what with every card having its own special ability to program). Might pick up on this more next year if I drop City of Heroes.
  7. Got promoted. After almost 7 years here, I finally moved one step closer to the CEO. I've previously spent four months at this position (covering for two bosses' sabbaticals), so I know what to expect. I don't think I get as much personal satisfaction out of my managerial work as I did my previous technical work, but I really enjoy coaching my reports and contributing to their personal and professional growth.
  8. Wrapped up the adoption paperwork. Will probably get the call later in January, with an estimated travel date of March.
  9. Coped with illness in the family. My older sister has been dealing with some rare condition for some time now, and my younger sister had to go thru the cancer thing. Let's just say it was very scary in both cases. I'm not really involved with my family, but I do care about them, especially my sisters' families - both have toddlers they are trying to raise.
  10. Was put in charge of a hot project at work. Unfortunately, other hotter projects have emerged since then, so I constantly have to deal with resource issues. Still, the size and scope of the project prevents me with several new challenges - along with the regular challenge of having too many senior engineers on a project!


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