Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sing Me to Sleep...

Previously, I wrote about being short on lullaby material. I still try to sing to Ruoda a lot, and ended up diving into The Smiths' catalogue; my vocal range matches Morrisey's baritone, the tunes are catchy, and the words are easy to remember (and I don't have to explain what "in the midst of life/we are in debt/et cetera!" means).

In violation of my directive to never post poetry or lyrics online, here's a little song I wrote during her sleepless nights in China:

I went to the store
With $1.24
To buy me an orange cream soda
And next to the chips
With a smile upon her lips
I saw a girl named Ruoda

Ruo Da!
Ruo Da!
Sweeter than an orange cream soda
I left that store
With $1.24
And a little girl named Ruoda

Monday, May 09, 2005

A Game of Thrones CCG Tournament

I played in the Northwest Regionals this past weekend. Below is my report as I posted it on the official message boards.

It was a fun tourney. I'm what you would call a "shagga" player - I play many CCGs. I don't even really like AGoT CCG - I only play it because it's active and my friend Chuck had invested in it. I started playing with Valyrian, and this was my first tourney. I went 3-2, but had horrible schedule strength, and just missed the cut via the second tiebreaker.

I try to make original decks. My favorite deck is Martell/Lannister icon removal, which is very challenging and beats lots of different types of decks, but I was afraid of Night's Watch showing up. My most dependable deck is Baratheon/Twins (no Frey, just 4 of almost everything, including Standard of the Stag *ahem*) power grab, but it's too vulnerable against Targ (and would have died against the same event cards that killed me in this tourney - what can I say, I'm a sucker for amassing power on a single character!).

I ended up playing my Greyjoy/Night's Watch deck. I saw some recent talk of GJ/NW on this board; I get some needed saves, some good control with Scurvy Cutthroats and Assassin of Pyke, good military breakthru with Balon and Watchers of Ten Towers, and good complements to my high-iniatitive approach with Euron's Crew and Longship Navigator.

My three victories were against GJ/Stark, Martell/Stark, and Stark. I was most worried about Stark going into the tourney - good thing I packed more stealth beforehand to get around those Umber Reinforcements. These matches went off as most of my victories do - my deck is over-the-top, extreme military beatdown (along with the usual, I pack 3 Melee Contests and 3 Relentless Attacks), and it's probably not much fun for my opponents when it works.

My first loss was against GJ/Stark. I was cruising pretty well, until No Prisoners was played, and she had two Immune to Events characters on the board. I lost Jon and his power, and she eventually edged her way to victory. She was gracious enough to give me another shot at her deck, and I was able to beat it easily the second time - I am grateful as it gave me confidence to win 3 of my 4 next matches.

My second loss was my only one against someone to make the cut - Aerysthemad and his Martell/Knights of the Realm deck. I was mowing thru his waves of knights, and I was about to hit 18 or so power when he played I'm Going to Kill That on Jon, who had 10 power on him at the time. I didn't know about that card, but it's hard to say if I would have played much differently otherwise. He then got Arianne and CoS Viper out to outpace me to the victory conditions.

Having both of my losses come down to single event cards with "cannot be saved" is pretty consistent with my attitude towards the game, but it was still fun to be in the competetive environment. Thanks to all for the festive atmosphere! Finally, thanks to my friend Chuck for loaning me two of his Relentless Attacks - that card works beautifully in NW decks for a power rush, not to mention more kills.