Sunday, March 19, 2006

Free tunes for March 19, 2006

Neurosis - Aeon: No other Neurosis song is as epic as this one. From death march (0:00-2:50), to swirling tri-vocal metal assault (2:50-4:40), to spooky spacious ambience (4:40-6:10), to powerful horn-laden doom (6:10-9:00), fading (9:00-10:00) into a melancholy strings-and-piano outro (10:00-11:44). I'd say more about the greatness of Neurosis, but I'll let you listen and judge for yourself.

Amorphis - Alone: This is a band I'm going to check out with my annual CD order later this year. Everything about this band screams mediocrity, especially if you judge them solely within the context of a single genre which they overlap (metal, prog, pop, etc.). However, I've listened many times over to everything I've found from them. Their songs are just so dang catchy.